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Features Included In The App

Food Diary

This is to help you track all of your meals

Swapping Exercises

You can swap exercises on the spot

My Journey

Where you have a personal fitness tracker.

Swapping Meals

If you don't like a meal, I've got you covered. All you have to do is click on the swap button.

Exercise Videos

To make it easy to follow. You will have access to all my exercise videos.

Shopping List

Making it easy for next time you visit the supermarket.

Personalised Workout Program

Get fit, lose fat and build muscle with a dedicated workout plan personalized to your unique goals and needs—no more trial and error. I’ll give you all the answers! When you join, you receive a fitness plan tailored to YOUR unique goals, level of fitness, and experience.

Your plan changes monthly to keep things fun and challenging. You’ll stay motivated and engaged as you build your dream body and enjoy life-changing results. The instructions are clear – I’ll tell you how many repetitions and sets to do. There’s also a video demonstration for each exercise to make things as simple and easy to follow as possible.

Whether you’re building muscle or losing fat, you’ll get in the best shape of your life with a plan customized just for YOU!

Personalised Nutrition Plan


You’ll get REAL RESULTS with the proper nutrition your body needs!

I make nutrition easy, flexible, and effective.

With Bhuwan Chauhan Coaching, there are no generic, one-size-fits-all plans. Your meal plan is uniquely designed and tailored just for YOU.

I’ll factor in your dislikes, allergies, dietary requirements, and goals to ensure your personal meal plan meets your needs.

As you progress and your body changes, so will your caloric needs. Your plan will update monthly to ensure you enjoy delicious fuel as you continue to crush your goals.

You’ll get a simple shopping list making things quick and easy – all you have to do is follow the plan and enjoy the physique you’ve always wanted!

Perks Of Joining Train With Bhuwan

Private Facebook Group

As a member of Bhuwan Chauhan Coaching, you’ll get access to the private Facebook group. As a community, we support each other, share stories, and empower each other. We’ll be there to check-in and answer your questions during weekly Q and As! The Facebook group allows me to give you whatever you need to support you on your fitness journey.

Exclusive Members Only App

Bhuwan Chauhan Coaching members receive their programs on a Mobile App, so you can take your personalized meal plans and training programs with you to both the supermarket and the gym! Available on App Store and Google Play store.

Email Support

You won’t be doing this alone! Your plan gives you email access to my support team and me. I’m here to support and guide you in any way you need to be successful.


Choose any of the plans provided below & complete the payment. Once done, you will have to fill out an assessment form that is sent to you via email. Your plan will be activated within 24-48 working hours. In the mean time you can download the Train With Bhuwan App from Play Store or App Store and request to join the Private Facebook Group.

No! We have recently changed from a subscription model to a one time payment method only for India. Many Indian student’s bank account do not support recurring payments hence we have decided to opt for one time payment options. For those who have purchased while the subscription model was in place, please reach out to our customer support team if you wish to cancel the subscription.

Yes! It’s imperative to me that anyone in the world can access this programme.

We can tailor the plan for you to complete this in your own home if you wish! All you need is a set of weights/dumbbells. You would need to select home only on the set up form.

New subscribers don’t need to cancel their subscriptions as it is a one time payment. However if you wish to continue, please purchase a new subscription to continue using the app. For old subscribers who availed training during the subscription model, please reach out to our customer support team.

The workouts are entirely tailored to you and your goals. So if you are new to the gym, I’ve got your back with your very own personalised programme. Choose weights that are appropriate for your fitness levels and gradually work your way up.

No, each month is different. This will involve an increase in how much weight you lift, change of exercise variations, and changes in your diet that are constantly updated as your body changes. We need to give your body a reason to progress.

Please refer to our policy pages at the bottom of this page.

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  • Access to all the features
  • Personalised Workout Program
  • Personalised Nutritional Plan
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Exclusive Members Only App
  • Email Support


  • Access to all the features
  • Personalised Workout Program
  • Personalised Nutritional Plan
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Exclusive Members Only App
  • Email Support
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  • Access to all the features
  • Personalised Workout Program
  • Personalised Nutritional Plan
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Exclusive Members Only App
  • Email Support


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